What is Bootcamp?

True Body Bootcamps are 30 minute outdoor group fitness sessions that make committing to your fitness easy; training in a fun and social environment.

Why join in True Body Bootcamps?

Whether you’ve never been involved in fitness before, not for a long time or you’re looking for something to take your fitness to the next level, group training will give you what you need. True Body Bootcamps teach you correct technique so you don’t injure yourself and can see your results. As the weeks go by, you will see how something one month ago seemed to completely exhaust you now seems totally achievable. Try working out as part of our team, reach your potential and feel the difference in your fitness.

Benefits of Group Training

Sometimes it’s hard to make yourself to move. Working in a group of people, you share your struggles and your triumphs. This type of training urges you to put your all in, making all the difference.

All fitness levels

Each exercise has variations for all fitness levels. So no matter how fit you are now, you can do it. All programs are also designed so no-one gets left behind.

Full Body Workouts

Sometimes we train our legs. Sometimes we train arms. Sometimes we train our cardiovascular system. It’s always balanced. But it’s always different. You’ll begin to notice how fit you feel all over.

Safety First

Your True Body instructor is an accredited and registered trainer and will never make you do anything that will cause you injury or damage an existing one.


Love bootcamp!! Gets the blood pumping for the rest of the day and lots of fun and laughs to boot! Haven't stuck with an exercise regime this long, ever in my life!- Lorraine
Somehow I look forward to waking up for 6am. Love my bootcamp mornings.- Alana
Bootcamp is awesome fun! Every session is different, focussing on a different body part every time so you never get bored! It's a great way to kick start your day and it's only 30 minutes so there's no excuse not to train!- Judy

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6:00AM – 6:30AM



6:00AM – 6:30AM

Stirk Park

Parking on both:
Kalamunda Rd & Headingly Rd

Mary's Mount Primary School

47 Davies Crescent, Gooseberry Hill
From May – October, we move indoors.



  • Pay as you go
  • Cash or Eftpos
  • Casual Attendance

Intro to Fitness - 1 per week

  • Make a difference
  • 6 Week Block
  • 6 Training Sessions
  • Perfect for those new to fitness
  • Equal to $14 per session

Game Changer - 2 per week

  • Fast track your fitness goals
  • 6 Week Block
  • 12 Training Sessions
  • Perfect for those ready to change
  • Equal to $12.50 per session

What’s bootcamp like?

Contrary to popular belief, Bootcamp doesn’t mean that you have to be on the floor, face covered in mud, barely able to push your body up whilst your instructor stands over you spitting and swearing.

True Body Bootcamps are 30 minute outdoor group fitness sessions that make committing to your fitness easy; training in a fun and social environment.

Every session is different. Some sessions might focus on strength and endurance of one muscle group or several muscle groups, or fat burning, but always with an element of cardiovascular training. Many exercises are based around time constraints so there’s no need to worry about how your fitness level compares to everyone else’s as you all finish at the same time. 

Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your fitness all over, giving you a new appreciation of that fit feeling that regular exercise can bring. Your trainer will be motivating and encourage you to push past your mental blocks to reach your capacity, but you wont ever feel singled-out or made to feel like you’re not giving your best.

 All True Body Bootcamps are held in Stirk Park, Kalamunda by the Sound Shell. See above information on the Bootcamp packages available and session times.

 If you are unsure if Bootcamp is for you, don’t forget that everyone gets a free trial to have the bootcamp experience before making this new commitment to your health.

Registration for True Body Bootcamps is a must. You can register by completing the registration form online or contacting us via the contact page and we will email one out to you. Get in touch to find out when the next block starts!

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