Welcome to our Live Streamed Zumba Classes

Due to the social isolation recommended to best manage COVID19 we are running our usual Zumba Fitness classes online.

If you have the means to do so, please support True Body and the longevity of these online classes by contributing $5 per class.


Class Times

All classes in AWST (UTC+08:00)

Monday 7PM-8PM

Wednesday 6:30PM-7:30PM

Friday 9:30AM-10:30AM

Cant make these times? Recent classes available for rewatching here.

The technical stuff

Pick your device: Smartphone, iPad, Laptop and even your TV! You’ll find it easier if you put it on the biggest screen possible.

For TV, you can use a chromecast device or smart TV with chromecast built in, or even plugging an HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV.

For best video quality, plug an ethernet cable from your router to your computer/laptop. If that’s not an option, wifi will still work.

For best audio experience, play it LOUD. If playing from a phone, iPad or laptop, use external speakers. Best option is in-ear true wireless headphones that won’t irritate your neck while you dance.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your speakers are on and the video is not on mute.

Technology will inevitably let you down, so make sure you tune-in to the class with adequate time to sort out your stuff.

On the left hand side of the bar is a LIVE button. If the circle is red, you are watching the stream live. If it is white, then you have paused the stream at some stage and not caught up. If you would like to catch up to live, you can click on the live button and it will take you there – the circle will then also turn red. Please give it a moment to catch up. Alternatively you could refresh the page.

Please ensure that your video is not muted by clicking the sound button on the right side of the bar (image above). There should be no slash through it.

The second button from the image below will allow you to chromecast to your TV. You will need to access the website on google chrome to do this.

The last button allows you to switch to full screen.

How to get ready

Get your dance space ready! Shove that couch out of the way, or get up on the dining table to really show off your moves.

Reduce the lighting in the room.

Make it private or get your family involved. I want you to lose yourself in the class.

Prepare like you’re actually going to class. Have your water bottle ready and nearby. If the surface you’ll be dancing on is better with shoes, get your sneakers on.

From about 10 minutes before class you will hear music playing so you can check that you have it all set up and ready to go.

Lets chat

Say hello! Even though we’re physically isolated we can still connect – the chat function is below!


If you have any issues, some me some feedback. You can contact me here.