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Welcome to the Replay of our Live Streamed Zumba Classes

Due to the social isolation recommended to best manage COVID19 we are now live streaming our usual Zumba Fitness classes online. You can check out when these are on the ‘Class Times’ tab.

The last live streamed class is available for replay below.

If you have the means to do so, please support True Body and the longevity of these online classes by contributing $5 per class.


Class Times

Whenever you want! At least one class will be available here with playlists from one of our 4 classes.

Monday 6:30PM

Tuesday 6:30PM

Wednesday 6:30PM

Friday 9:30AM

Want to come to class in person? Check out all the details here.

The technical stuff

Pick your device: Smartphone, iPad, Laptop and even your TV! You’ll find it easier if you put it on the biggest screen possible.

For TV, you can use a chromecast device or smart TV with chromecast built in, or even plugging an HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV.

For best video quality, plug an ethernet cable from your router to your computer/laptop. If that’s not an option, wifi will still work.

For best audio experience, play it LOUD. If playing from a phone, iPad or laptop, use external speakers. Best option is in-ear true wireless headphones that won’t irritate your neck while you dance.

Make sure your speakers are on and the video is not on mute.

Technology will inevitably let you down, so make sure you tune-in to the class with adequate time to sort out your stuff.

Please ensure that your video is not muted by clicking the sound button on the right side of the bar (image above). There should be no slash through it.

The second button from the image below will allow you to chromecast to your TV. You will need to access the website on google chrome to do this.

The last button allows you to switch to full screen.

How to get ready

Get your dance space ready! Shove that couch out of the way, or get up on the dining table to really show off your moves.

Reduce the lighting in the room.

Make it private or get your family involved. I want you to lose yourself in the class.

Prepare like you’re actually going to class. Have your water bottle ready and nearby. If the surface you’ll be dancing on is better with shoes, get your sneakers on.



1. When you first sign in...

You’ll probably struggle with the IT side of things. Play around, make sure you ‘unmute’ your sound and figure out what screen and audio source you’re going to use.

3. Class Introduction

The instructor will explain their style of cueing (how they lead the steps) and then the music will start. It will probably be a song you recognise. The steps won’t be too complicated but it might strange dancing by yourself in your living room.

4. The class begins...

Zumba structure works on different parts of the song so the steps you do coincide with the chorus or verse. You might bump into furniture the first few times, go the wrong way, use the wrong leg or just stop completely in disbelief that your body will ever be able to move that way (ps it probably will, but even if it doesn’t, that will have no impact your workout). Don’t fret. If it seems a lot to take in, within a few weeks, you will be amazed at how you instinctively know all the changes. More importantly, it’s OK to mess up. So don’t even worry about what the instructor is doing and do your own thing. Let your personality out.

5. Maximise your workout

To get the best workout from your Zumba class, focus on the moves that you do pick up, and do them like you were born to do them. The more arms and the more height change, the more of a workout you will get. Working out at home is so different to a class. There’s probably much less room to move, so we need change the steps we take – and you might have to work that little bit harder because you’re by yourself.

6. When it's over too soon

It will all be over in a flash. You’ll realize you have just danced salsa, merengue, cumbia, dancehall, reggaeton, among many other dance styles without a single dance lesson. Not to mention that you just had a great workout. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it all the first time. No one does.

7. When you come back for more

You should be haunted by great songs and the itch to dance again. But maybe you’ll feel disappointed that you didn’t get as much of it as you hoped. The beauty is you’re at home and no-one knows! When you come back, most of the routines, if not all, will be exactly the same. Your muscle memory will kick in and everything falls into place a little bit easier. Before you know it, you’ll be singing too.