We break it down into bite-sized pieces and give you a step-by-step guide to reaching your goals

A one-on-one consultation to discuss general healthy eating and/or diet-related ongoing health and disease conditions. Your dietitian will explore with you the best possible options for managing the problem and then work with you to create a structured set of goals so you can reach your optimal level of health.

Don’t put up with the stress and complications of receiving incorrect or conflicting information, never knowing if you’re doing enough or the right thing. Have the hard work done by someone else so you can have a clear mind.

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Non-Diet Nutrition

If you’ve been on every diet under the sun and each time find yourself back where you started, you might want to consider seeing a dietitan for help with non-diet nutrition. Reconnect with your appetite and let go of food guilt.

Optimal Health

Everyone’s version of optimal health is different. But how do we go about reaching it when there is so much conflicting information out there? See a dietitian for advice on how to make the most significant improvements to your intake.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you experience excess bloating, stomach cramping, diarrhea/constipation (or both!), you may have irritable bowel syndrome. See a dietitian for advice on the best way to assess what foods are causing your symptoms.

And More ...

Our dietitians also see clients for a vast range of other reasons including but not limited to diabetes, bariatric surgery, inflammatory bowel disease, pregnancy and vegetarianism.

Getting your diet on track is just a friendly phone call away.

Get in touch and see how an Accredited Practicing Dietitian can assist you with your nutrition requirements.

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Evidence-Based practice with ongoing support

All True Body Dietitians have achieved a minimum of PostGrad Dip (tertiary education) in Dietetics. They also maintain registration with the Dietitians Association of Australia by participating in ongoing professional development, to stay up to date with the latest research. True Body Dietitians will separate what is proven science from modern folklore and give you an ‘eyes wide open’ approach to your dietary changes. We know there’s nothing worse than committing to a lifestyle change and second guessing your actions. True Body provides ongoing support as long as you need it to ensure that the changes you make aren’t just for now, for the new year or for that spring wedding. They’re lifelong and become an instinctive and natural part of your daily living.

Our Mission

To provide effective and evidence-based nutritional guidance, work outs and classes that encourage people to reach their optimal health through incremental behaviour changes in a way that is enjoyed and sustainable.

Our Dietitians

Russell Phillips

Managing Director

True Body is owned and operated by Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Fitness Professional, Russell Phillips. Russell completed a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics at Curtin University and Certificate IV in Fitness and Certificate IV in Massage, both at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Russell is passionate about encouraging healthy behaviours within a happy well-rounded life. He believes that for any lifestyle change to be permanent, it needs to be a pleasurable one.

No-one just eats normal food. Everyone’s intake is so varied. What we eat is influenced by numerous things on a daily basis and we have to consider those influences, both the assets and the hindrances, when making behaviour changes.

Areas of Interest

  • IBS
  • FODMAPs and other Food Intolerances
  • Dance Fitness
  • Anything with Eggplant, Rhubarb or Salted Caramel


  • Tuesdays and Fridays in Kalamunda
  • Thursdays in Mount Lawley

fremantle dietitian emma walkey

Emma Walkey


Emma is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Sports Dietitian, with experience in private practice, the hospital setting and working with athletes.

Emma provides evidence-based and personalised nutrition advice, that is practical and realistic for the client. She believes that knowledge about food and nutrition needs to be accompanied with the skills to buy and prepare food in order for life long, healthy habits to occur.

“My experience competing in a variety of sports has been key. It has allowed me to see how sports nutrition knowledge, practical skills, an understanding of the many factors affecting ability to adequately fuel the body, and the pressures placed on some athletes to look a certain way are all essential to helping someone with nutrition”

Areas of Interest

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Disordered Eating Behaviours
  • Dancing and Running
  • Icecream, Yoghurt and Lasagne





$180.00Initial Consult
  • Nutrition consultation with True Body Principal Dietitian
  • Standard review (50 minutes) $150
  • Brief review (30 minutes) $90
  • By appointment only
  • Rebates available from most health insurance funds
  • Medicare rebates with Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan
  • Medicare rebates with GP Eating Disorder Plan (EDP)
  • **Waitlist appointments available for GP bulk billing requests**


$150.00Initial Consult
  • Nutrition consultation with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)
  • Standard review (50 minutes) $125
  • Brief review (30 minutes) $80
  • By appointment only
  • Rebates available from most health insurance funds
  • Medicare rebates with Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan
  • Medicare rebates with GP Eating Disorder Plan (EDP)
  • **Waitlist appointments available for GP bulk billing requests**

Medicare and Private Health Accepted

Rebates are available from most health insurance funds. Your rebate eligibility and amount will depend on your level of cover. Please contact your fund for further information.

Medicare rebates are available for clients referred by their doctor on a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

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