Our Fantastic Team

Russell Phillips

Managing Director

True Body is owned and operated by Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Fitness Professional, Russell Phillips. Russell completed a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics at Curtin University and Certificate IV in Fitness and Certificate IV in Massage, both at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Russell is passionate about encouraging healthy behaviours within a happy well-rounded life. He believes that for any lifestyle change to be permanent, it needs to be a pleasurable one.

No-one just eats normal food. Everyone’s intake is so varied. What we eat is influenced by numerous things on a daily basis and we have to consider those influences, both the assets and the hindrances, when making behaviour changes.

Areas of Interest

  • IBS
  • FODMAPs and other Food Intolerances
  • Dance Fitness
  • Anything with Eggplant, Rhubarb or Salted Caramel

Alana Phillips

Administrative Director

Alana is currently completing her diploma of counselling as well as hard at work behind the scenes of True Body, ensuring that all our enquiries are dealt with in a timely manner. She is so well organised that even bathroom breaks are on her to-do list.

Alana believes it’s important to love your body at any size and is passionate about balancing the needs of the body and the mouth.

“Enough secretly eating your snacks when no-one is looking!”

Areas of Interest

  • Health
  • Dance
  • Travelling
  • Pad Thai, Chocolate and Nuts